LOCTATION Segrate, Milan, Italy
YEAR 1972
THEME Architecture, Education spaces, Kindergarten
STATUS Project
DESIGNERS Adriano Di Leo, Antonio Monestiroli, Paolo Rizzatto

The theme of kindergarten is simple to the point of not giving particular directions for its construction. A general choice is needed to establish its character. The overriding choice was to build an enclosure as an element of place identification. Part of the area included in the fence is covered and enclosed (common classrooms), the remaining part of the area is open (the garden). The boundary between the two parts is constructed by a row of pillars supporting the roof and a continuous glazing. Under the same flat roof resting on the pillars and the boundary wall, in continuity with the common classrooms, there is a covered but open area.

Thus, the place where the kindergarten is identified is the fenced garden communicating with the common classrooms facing it. Everything else is secondary. Directly facing the common rooms are a series of service rooms arranged in a line that look out to the rear, onto a small courtyard around which the enclosure ends. In this courtyard is the only entrance to the building. The kindergarten is located on the edge of a park, and the boundary wall, which distinguishes the garden from the park, has large openings that allow the relationship of one place to the other.The planned building materials are: exposed brick for the boundary wall and the front on the courtyard, and reinforced concrete stuccoed and painted white for the pillars and the roof slab. A large tree is planned at the central point of the garden.


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