LOCATION Galliate, Novara, Italy
YEAR 1982
THEME Architecture, Dwelling spaces, Rest home
STATUS Costruito
DESIGNERS Antonio Monestiroli, Paolo Rizzatto
TEAM Sandro Colbertaldo, Isabella Lagomarsino, Cristina Manzoni, Antonio Paolucci

The land has a regular shape, determined by the rural subdivision pattern of Galliate and its surroundings. A system of residential settlements in parallel lines, oriented east-west with the two main frontages placed to the north and south. To the south, the almost always loggiased front faces a strip of land planted with vegetable gardens, to the north the predominantly enclosed front, in which strictly necessary windows open.

This subdivision system is still evident around the land designated for the home for the elderly and determines its characteristics by imposing a layout of buildings parallel to the existing ones. The characteristics of the land and general considerations of the type appropriate to the subject matter suggested the shape of the layout. The land was divided along its length into three successive parts placed on the same axis: a first part intended for collective services, a second part intended for housing for the elderly, and a third part intended for gardens. The first two consist of four parallel buildings that determine two rectangular courtyards open on the short sides; the two courtyards, of different sizes, face each other and both the main access road, and the garden at the bottom. A long arcaded building containing collective services and, opposite it, a porch, construct the first court. Between the two buildings a lawn where outdoor activities take place: walks, games, summer performances. The collective services are distributed in a line: the cafeteria and gymnasium rooms, which are the two prevailing activities, are double height; between them the cafeteria, located in the center of the building and distributed on two floors of which the upper floor is intended for play and reading. On the ground floor, the rooms are all connected through a system of doors that connect the cafeteria, bar, gymnasium, and kitchen through small atria in which the stairs and toilets are located. The south-facing porch building overlooks the lawn with a continuous glazing that provides good sunshine throughout the winter period. In the summer months, the glazing can be fully opened, establishing a direct relationship with the front lawn. The porch, facing north, is a particularly shady place in the summer months. The courtyard designated for housing, formed by two buildings in a line, two stories high, contains four housing communities, one on each floor of each building. The housing communities can be considered true single-family housing, with equipped rooms.

Photo by Donato Di Bello


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