LOCATION Pioltello, Milan, Italy
YEAR 1995 – 1998
STATUS Project
DESIGNERS Antonio Monestiroli, Luciano Lussignoli
TEAM  Martina Landsberger, Paolo Rizzo, Luigi Semerani,
Tomaso Monestiroli

The occasion of the project is the doubling of the Milan-Venice railway line.
The construction of a new high-speed line allows the current one to be used as a metro line. In this way, the Pioltello stop makes accessible important leisure facilities such as Trenzanesio Park and Idroscalo, which can enter a system of relationships on a metropolitan scale. Thus, the functions characterizing this vast urban area are those of leisure to which are added the functions induced by the freight yard and residential settlements. This is the functional hypothesis.

The theme of urban morphology is addressed by assuming the large open areas of the countryside as the general context within which the settlements are placed with their own accomplished and recognizable identity. To this end, the project deals with the definition of the margins of the urban areas of Seggiano and Limito and the construction of a square bounded by the margins themselves. In the square, in addition to a large market and the new railway station, a system of four 60-meter-high towers houses the tertiary and hospitality activities supporting the freight yard. From the station a tree-lined avenue leads to Trenzanesio Park, which in this way connects to the railway network and through it to the metropolitan city. The towers define a recognizable place in the east of Milan. A place where urban functions that can constitute a new centrality are related.


M. Ferrari (edit by) Antonio Monestiroli Opere, progetti e studi di architettura Electa Milan 2001