LOCATION Salerno, Italy
YEAR 1998
STATUS Competition
DESIGNERS Antonio Monestiroli
TEAM  Massimo Ferrari, Martina Landsberger, Tomaso Monestiroli, Raffaella Neri 

The project calls for the construction of a square to the south of the area, in the part closest to the center of the city, in the place obtained from the demolition of two small, partly uninhabited buildings and the prison walls. This square becomes the entrance to the new pole from the lower town, its central place. This is overlooked by the other open spaces, the terraced gardens to the north and south, and the two most important buildings in the system: the San Massimo palace and the convent of San Francesco, the former men’s prison. From this point begins the system of paths, pedestrian and mechanical, that connect the buildings located at different heights of the terrain. The square has a narrow and elongated shape and, following the natural course of the ground, has a lower central part and two side wings that rise symmetrically. The natural theatricality of this place is emphasized in the design by the construction of a staircase that follows the gentle slope of the ground and is intended for outdoor performances and performances.


Massimo Ferrari (edit by) Antonio Monestiroli Opere, progetti e studi di architettura Electa Milan 2001