LOCATION La Spezia, Italy
YEAR 2000 – 2004
DESIGNERS Antonio Monestiroli, Cesare Macchi Cassia, Tomaso Monestiroli
TEAM Pietro Macchi Cassia, Massimo Ferrari, Diego Steffenini

The idea behind the project is to transform an artifact that has always been a physical obstacle in the relationship between the city and the sea, as indeed is the former Levanto railway viaduct, into a place that enhances the value of that relationship. A place for citizens from which they can contemplate the beauty of the gulf and the coast that forms it. A long equipped linear park connects the historic center of Levanto to the departure of the old tunnels towards Bonassola and Framura, recovered as a bicycle and pedestrian path. Along the path of the park, several places with different functions are encountered. A cantilevered terrace protrudes the pedestrian path toward the beach below and the sea, defining the places of views of the city and nature.

Walking along the entire promenade, one thus has the opportunity to embrace the entire gulf. The promenade, varying in width from 15 to 40 meters, is divided into distinct bands: an east-west connecting driveway with limited traffic; a bicycle path and a pedestrian promenade along the entire length of the viaduct, connected at five points to the city and the beach; a tree-lined linear garden that builds a Mediterranean botanical trail with leisure areas; and a cantilevered balcony overlooking the sea, made with simple iron brackets and parapet and a wooden walking surface; a building to replace the old railway station, with tourist offices, cafes, exhibition spaces, and conference and meeting rooms; a two-story parking lot carved out of the basement of the viaduct; and a series of spaces to serve the port, facing the dock level, built between the new scarp buttresses.

Photo by Luca Cardani


L. Cardani (edit by) Studio Monestiroli  Opere e progetti di Architettura Electa Milan 2021