LOCATION Pescara, Italy
YEAR 2004 – 2008
STATUS International competition
DESIGNERS Antonio Monestiroli, Tomaso Monestiroli, Massimo Ferrari,Maria Laura Polignano

The central idea of the project is to plant a forest. A park on the edge of the central city marking its boundary, a forest of tall trees arranged neatly in rows parallel to the Adriatic coast.
The train station will be on the edge of the forest. From the station to go to the city center and from there to the sea one will have to cross the forest. All road infrastructure (roads, parking lots, interchange modes) will have to subject themselves to the presence of the forest, just as the new large cultural facility (library, media library, exhibition and debate space) will be built in the forest. This premise, clearly suggested by the call for proposals, led us to define the general layout of the cultural building.

The design proposal has a marked geometric matrix and finds an ideal form of dialogue in the arrangement of greenery according to tree rows of the same quality that run parallel to a central lawn parterre. The column theme is repeated and emphasized by rhythmic and orderly tree presences. Ideal axes of penetration play a role in connecting with the urban context on the contour and linking elements of interest and “memory,” in order also to ensure permeability and maximum usability by future occasional and noncasual users. The “recognizability” of the paths we believe is necessary to give identity to the park and greater awareness of where you are regardless of the weight of the architectural elements, for example through the choice to include some of the essences already present in the surroundings of the avenues and squares or in the tradition of the parks of the city of Pescara, in order to guarantee a strong continuity and desire for integration.


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