L12 – Metope und triglyphe


AUTHOR Antonio Monestiroli
YEAR 2015
PUBLISHER Ernst Wasmuth Verlag
ISBN 9783803009319

“Where design and construction can only suggest exemplary solutions, the writings raise the thoughts to a meta-level, and where theory and language approach the conceptual limits of communicability, practice provides the vivid proof. The path to a deeper understanding of Monestiroli’s architecture leads through his writings. Nevertheless, the structure of thought is securely based on the foundations of his designs and buildings. The result is a coherence of thought, design and construction that characterizes the content of his work: It is the ‘architectural thinking’ that becomes legible and visible in it, which allows an idealistic outlook on the discipline, on an architecture bound by cultural and social contract, on a collective architecture, on architecture and the city as they could perhaps be (again).” Uwe Schröder