L3 – La arquitectura de la realidad


AUTHOR Antonio Monestiroli
YEAR 1993
PUBLISHER Ediciones del Serbal
ISBN 8476281161

This book contains four essays. The first, Reality and History of Architecture, deals with the role of the architectural project in the general process of the advancement of knowledge. The second, The Forms of Residence, addresses the relationship between residence and the construction of the city by analyzing the forms that residence has adopted throughout urban history. The third, The City as an Adventure of Knowledge, analyzes the architecture of the eighteenth century, considered as the historical moment in which, for the first time, the problems of the development of the modern city and the contradictions generated by the industrial revolution are raised. Finally, the fourth, entitled Architecture, nature, history, proposes a reflection on the relationship between language and style in architecture, considering the modes of formation of the various languages of modern architecture and the references that are at the basis of construction.