YEAR 2019
THEME Architecture, Sacred spaces
STATUS Project
DESIGNERS Antonio Monestiroli
TEAM Claudia Angarano

Reading Paul Valéry made me realize the importance, in poetry, of individual words, of their singularity. Poetry is the juxtaposition of precise words, individual words that find, in their relationship, the meaning that will result, unique and irreplaceable. That meaning that can have only that form and not another. The same is true of architecture.

It is the celino that evokes the meaning of singular place. This building goes beyond the function of shelter; it is an architecture evocative of that function. The religious function may also take place in this place, but that is not its ultimate purpose. The celino establishes the reason for that form, its “singularity.” A celino supported by 12 slender columns, enclosed by 12 cross-shaped pillars supporting a roof that covers and defines the meeting place. (AM)


L. Cardani (edit by) Studio Monestiroli  Opere e progetti di Architettura Electa Milan 2021

 IQD N53 2018